ICALL: Intelligence Call Special Interest Group

Have you ever wondered what Intelligent CALL might be? Then this workshop is for you. Our half-day workshop is aimed at a non-specialist audience and includes presentations on the functioning of basic NLP (Natural Language Processing) tools, the challenges of learner language for NLP, demos of applications, and discussions of the use of NLP tools in a CALL context. The main purpose of the workshop is to introduce you to the range of tools used in Intelligent CALL, i.e. CALL that uses NLP techniques, and to raise awareness of the potential of Intelligent CALL.Continue reading

The EuroCALL SIG for Graduate Students

The EuroCALL SIG for Graduate Students is a very young SIG. It was founded in 2016 during the EuroCALL conference in Limassol, Cyprus, given the growing amount of Graduate students attending the conference and the need to give them at EuroCALL more visibility. Since its inception, the SIG has been chaired by Dr Sandra Morales and David Alfter, with the collaboration of Sahar Matar. We also work closely with our sister SIG at CALICO.Continue reading

Computer-mediated communication special interest group (CMC SIG)

This week we are featuring on our blog another interesting SIG: the CMC SIG i.e. the Computer-mediated communication special interest group.

The CMC SIG brings together researchers and practitioners who are interested in facilitating the mediation of intercultural communication at a distance. We aim to share insights gained through practice into effective task based learning and use of technology in order to reduce the frustration and difficulties frequently experienced in this area.Continue reading

A new SIG for Eurocall 2017!

This year Eurocall will see a new interesting addition to its already well established SIGs.

Founding chair Elena Martín-Monje from Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain and secretary Inge de Waard, (The Open University, UK and EIT InnoEnergy) have established a new LMOOC ((Language Massive Open Online Courses) SIG to provide a forum for discussion, research findings sharing and reflect together upon the specificities and areas of development of LMOOCs.Continue reading

What do you know about EUROCALL SIGs?

What do you know about EUROCALL SIGs?

Starting from this week we will be featuring Eurocall SIGs weekly in order to provide our conference delegates with useful info related to specific areas of interests.

A Special Interest Group is a community within a larger organization sharing a specific interest and aiming at enhancing its area of knowledge, learning or technology.

Join one of our SIGs and start collaborating with likeminded people in the field!

We start with a new SIG for Eurocall 2017: the LMOOC ((Language Massive Open Online Courses) SIG.

Conference proceedings for EUROCALL 2017: Deadline 31st July

The University of Southampton is delighted to be working with Research-publishing.net on the publishing of this year’s conference proceedings.

Research-publishing.net have been publishing EUROCALL conference proceedings since 2012 and they are looking forward to collaborating with authors and reviewers once more.

Authors of all accepted presentations (papers and posters) can send a short paper of 1600 words in total for publication in the EUROCALL 2017 conference proceedings. The publication of the short papers is guaranteed before the end of the current year. Deadline for submissions: 31st July 2017.Continue reading

Don’t miss Early Bird registration for EUROCALL 2017… and here is why!

Don’t miss Early Bird registration for EUROCALL 2017… and here is why!

Don’t miss the chance to grab your Early Bird registration for what promises to be an exciting EUROCALL conference this year, as well as a worthy celebration of 25 years of EUROCALL! This year’s event is taking place at the University of Southampton Highfield Campus from 23rd – 26th August 2017.

With conference preparations picking up pace in the run-up to the Early Bird registration deadline, here are a few reasons why this year’s EUROCALL conference is one not to miss!Continue reading

Welcome to the Eurocall 2017 blog

Welcome to the Eurocall 2017 blog!

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about our preparations for the conference and you can follow our plans and activities as we move closer to the BIG day: 23rd August and our official start day.

On 10/11th March 2017, we welcomed the EUROCALL executive board to Southampton to view our planned conference facilities and to hold an executive meeting.Continue reading